Thursday, July 01, 2010

Thanks for Nothing

I've been maintaining this site since around 2004 and have nearly 300 posts to my name, not counting the ones I've deleted for one reason or another, and I've decided after months and months of posts that received no comments and probably minimal viewing that I'm simply not going to contribute to this blog anymore.

I can live with people ignoring this blog because that's just the way of things, but the fact that for every new post I've been putting up for the past several months I get visited at least twice by a Chinese spammer offering me either porn or a personal ads just goes to show how little regard you have for your subscribers. Sure, this is a free service but does that really mean we are entitled to next to no respect?

Anyway, I'm taking my blog posts over to multiply, where people actually read and comment on them, and where I don't experience spam because their filters actually work.

Thanks for nothing assholes.